STADIA CLOTHING - Branding/Product Shoots

I've had a few opportunities to work with the AWESOME clothing company Stadia,

During the winter months, we did a product set in one of the oldest houses in Boise. When it warmed up, we commissioned model Tias Rosenkrance for a more stylized branding shoot at Rhodes Skate Park in downtown Boise. A big thanks goes to Proof Eyewear for lending us some shades for the shoot,

The product shots were done 100% with my Canon 5D Mark II. But for the branding shoot, I used my Mamiya RB67 Pro-SD, Hasseblad 500c, Graflex 4X5 Crown Graphic, and my Canon 5D Mark II with an Alienbee 1600 and beauty dish.

HERE are both sets.

STADIA TIAS4 011.jpg

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